Updated my gaming page…

After updating to WordPress 2.7 Coltrane, I took a look at some of my content and refreshed my gaming page.  Oddly enough, I'm on a games hiatus until I turn in grades for this semester. Still, it did give me a chance to think about what I've played this year and how it compares to the Gaming Bonanza of 2007 (tm).

Currently, I'm playing The Witcher and loving it. Loving.  It. I'm bored with LOTRO and haven't been able to scrape up enough time to give Left 4 Dead a go, even though I really liked the demo and played quite a bit pre-release. After I finish The Witcher, STALKER: Clear Sky is next and then likely Left 4 Dead and the new Tomb Raider game. I've never played a Lara Croft game and I'm interested to see what is in store.

What about you all? What are you playing now and what are your impression of gaming year 2008?

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