LOEX of the West Presentation Materials Posted

Thanks to m3mo, I just noticed that many of the conference presentation materials have now been posted at: http://loexofthewest2008.blogspot.com/ Mine aren’t up yet, but they are available here. I imagine that the HTML format of the Zoho Show slideware I used may toss a spanner in the works. Still, there is a lot of good […]

LOEX of the West

Here I am in glorious Las Vegas. Of course I’m living in a dorm and staying up late editing a paper with an eye to the deadline, so while I am experiencing deja vu, it sadly isn’t of Dionysian revelry. I’m giving my presentation on Portal and the analysis of video games with an eye […]

a sign of a great conference presentation

You can tell when you’ve attended a great conference presentation when someone in the audience admits that the talk has sparked an ontological crisis and caused him to question who he is. I attended such a presentation today at LOEX of the West. Kate Groenmeyer and Anne Marie Dietering gave a talk tilted: Peer Review […]