2008 Lita Forum Presentation

My wonderful colleague Carole and I presented at the 2008 LITA forum yesterday. We had the opportunity to present in a beautiful deco ballroom to about 30 folks who had some good questions for us. Our content was a mixture of material covered in the LOEX of the West presentation and the upcoming Reference Services Review article and practical applications of video game pedagogy Carole has taken from WoW and used in her classroom.

The talk went well, although I suspect our material would have been of more interest to an audience of instruction librarians rather than IT librarians from a mixture of public and academic libraries. I'm looking forward to the feedback and future presentations with Carole. In any case, any day that ends with Brazilian barbecue and caipirinhas is a good day. Plus, I learned never to use the Brazilian Portuguese slang for sugar-cane liquor in the hearing of a native Spanish speaker.

Portals to Learning
Presented October 17, 2008
LITA Forum
Cincinnati, Ohio

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