on great apologies…

This post has nothing to do with games and little to do with libraries. I was washing the dishes this weekend while the 2005 film version of Pride & Prejudice played on the television in the other room. (The version with Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy and Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth) As the end of the movie approached and Bingley proposed to Jane, I mentally added his apology to my list of great film apologies.

Bingley (to Jane): First, I must tell you I've been the most unmitigated and comprehensive ass.

It is a fantastic apology. Worth adding to any list of fine apologies, even if such a list did not previously exist. I didn't actually have a list of great film apologies until this one struck me and I added it to my favorite film apology of all time and now the two of them together form a list.

The greatest film apology of all time comes from The Man Who Would be King, John Huston's 1979 adaption of the Kipling short story.

Daniel Dravot (To Peachy Carnahan): Peachy, I'm heartily ashamed for gettin' you killed instead of going home rich like you deserved to, on account of me bein' so bleedin' high and bloody mighty. Can you forgive me?

It is worth noting that the apologies as quoted were both added by the screen writers and were either missing or in alternate form in Kipling and Austin's original texts. So they are contemporary (and in one case American!) takes on on previous generations' ideas of the proper conduct of a British Gentleman. Still, Dravot is no gentleman and Austin's male characters seem rather narrow to me, so it may not be the gentle phrasing that makes them stand out to me so much as the enthusiastic acknowledgment of the supplicant's shortcomings.

In any case, are their other apologies to add to my list?

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