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What are the connections between the roles we assume in games and our own?

Four writers from 1up talk about the roles they choose to play and what these choices may signify.

Stephen Tolito started the conversation by asking a question.

I don't have a full answer to this yet, but the question is worth thinking about. Certainly this is an excellent way to start mining gaming experiences for self-reflection and understanding. For example, when given a choice I tend to favor slighter, more physically frail characters rather than ones that resemble the governor of California or the former governor of Minnesota. Why is that? It might have something to do with the fact that I am a rather large man who colleagues on the job are roughly half my size. I stand out. So when I role play, I'll choose to be Locrian Ajax, rather than Telamonian Ajax.

In any case, this sort of character analysis is interesting and I'd like to return to it soon. Stay tuned.

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