Fall is here, the new games will be soon

Which means that a new semester has started here on campus. It also means the release of AAA titles from the major game developers. I have zero time to game these days and the time I steal from more important obligations to play games has all been sucked up by LOTRO. That is fine by me, since N. has picked up the game as well, so gaming-time has become time spent hanging out w/ my partner. On the other hand, I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do when long awaited titles like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, Fallout 3, and Left4Dead, come out.

I have a post about the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. that has been sitting around in draft form for months, I'll try to get it ready for y'all, but I loved that game for so many reasons, I can't believe I'm not foaming at the mouth for an update to the world of the zone. As for the other games, I suppose I should explain why I  have been anticipating them so highly. Fallout 3 looks great, I loved the originals when they were new, but unlike most of the fanboys, I'm not so worried that they will stray from the original formula as I am afraid that the original formula is a lot more appealing to the late 1990's version of myself than the 2008 version. Left4Dead: valve and zombies, what is not to love? My only concern is that it is so skill-based that I won't have the time to become good enough to help my team-mates. Team Fortress 2 was great, but it was more fun the more I learned how to integrate my tactics w/ my team. There is zero chance that I'll be able to play L4D as much as I played TF2 when it came out, and I think the learning curve in L4D will be steeper.

Sorry content has been so non-existent lately, hopefully more will be coming soon. Until then, Certis has started a great conversation on the upcoming release schedule on Gamers with Jobs, and Chad at Library Voice has an interesting new conversation today on libraries collecting games.

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