Things are changing! For at least the next year and hopefully for the next five years I will be on assignment away from the library with the CMDC (Creative Media and Digital Culture) program at WSU Vancouver. This is a fabulous opportunity for me. I'm going to continue to spend 20% of my time teaching for CMDC, but now I'll also be working with the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) as the Organization's coordinator. This involves some office work, but I have the chance to learn how to do the million little things that enable a scholarly society to function. In addition I'm working with Dr. Dene Grigar in her Electronic Literature Lab (ELL) and learning how to be an archivist. Please check out our latest project: a traversal of Sarah Smith's King of Space.

All of these changes are tremendously exciting and energizing. I'm hoping to use some of this new energy to keep this space updated. Keep an eye on this space for updates on the following:

  • Projects in the ELL lab
  • Reflections on mid-career change
  • On being a librarian outside of the library
  • Social justice issues
  • The games that I'm still finding some time to play

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