Book Review: Alif the Unseen

I gave this four stars on Goodreads. I’m not sold on the idea of ranking novels and I know my rankings are completely consistent, but this is a book to read and to recommend. It doesn’t get five stars mostly because I need to give Wilson room to grow as an author. This book has […]

Liberry Humor

Justin from 8bitlibrary posted a question to Twitter this morning, wondering if he should register 8bitliberry and redirect traffic over to the new URL. This question led me to wonder how difficult it would be to write a browser plugin that would replace every instance of the word “library” with “liberry”. A very short Google […]

Dead Letter Office

You may notice some increased posting traffic here at informationgames for a while. I’ve been teaching certain aspects of WordPress and so have been reminded that my site architecture needs some work. This led me to look into my drafts folder and I discovered that the drafts folder is where hot new ideas go to […]

More information than games…

Focus shifts. My time spent gaming has been waning for a couple of months. I finally plugged my way to the end of STALKER: Clear Sky. I liked the game and love spending time in that universe, but I didn’t find a lot to write about, either about the game or about my experience playing […]

Brief maintenance note:

I just upgraded informationgames to the latest version of the WordPress software. It is silly easy to keep up on the WordPress maintainance, yet somehow the minimal effort of downloading and transferring the new files up to the server is a rewarding task. It falls into a similar category to changing my own oil, nothing […]