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Me, circa 2011. (Time to update your photo, Nicholas!)

nicholas schiller

After more than two decades in library science, I've decided to try something new. I've been a librarian/professor at a research university since 2006. I've been tenured since 2011. My wife and parter Natalie has accepted a new position on the East coast, so I've up and left these very secure roles and positions for something new. I just don't know exactly what that something new is.

instructional design

I'm most of the way done with a graduate certificate in Instructional Design from Oregon State University. When the classes I was teaching at Washington State University Vancouver went online in 2020, I began to focus heavily on video and audio production, online pedagogies, engaging students in mixed and online platforms and generally looking for better ways to build learning environments. I'm engaged and enjoying the process of focusing on designing effective online learning environments and providing students with the care and support they need when learning takes place outside of the classroom.

As I look for a new career opportunity, I'm looking both in the library and at ID jobs. Whatever I end up choosing, it will be focused on engaging students in contemporary technology contexts.

outside of work

When I'm not working, I enjoy working on my bicycle projects. I have a 1992 Waterford Paramount road bike that I'm restomodding with a modern groupset (Shimano 105 R7000) and a tank of a Redline Monocog that I'm putting an Alfine 8 speed internal gear hub on. I also like to ride these bikes, mostly indoors on Zwift. I still play some games, but I have less time to devote to this. You can find me plinking around in Valheim some weekends. HMU if you'd like to play together. Outside of this, I'm enjoying walking and exploring around my new New Jersey home in Madison.

If you were friends with me at that weird blue bird web site, you may enjoy following my toots as @nnschiller@glammr.us


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