Liberry Humor

Justin from 8bitlibrary posted a question to Twitter this morning, wondering if he should register 8bitliberry and redirect traffic over to the new URL. This question led me to wonder how difficult it would be to write a browser plugin that would replace every instance of the word “library” with “liberry”. A very short Google […]

King James, Gutenberg, and Information Abundance

Libraries are solutions to the problem of information scarcity Libraries, broadly speaking, are solutions to the problem of information scarcity. Given a world in which information is rare, difficult to acquire, and expensive; collecting information into a central location where it can be shared with a population of users is a very good idea. People […]

Godin and Gee on the future of libraries and books

This started as one point of a three-point response to Godin’s piece. When I finished with this piece, it seemed to stand on its own and it worked better to put Godin and Gee directly into conversation about the future and use of reading/books/literacies. It may be a less balanced or complete than my original […]