The user becomes the collection

(This is a previously unpublished post ¬†from my WordPress drafts folder. I’ve cleaned it up and finished some thoughts, but mostly it stands as written in November 2010) The user becomes the collection At this Fall’s ACRL Northwest conference, I had the good fortune to participate in a panel discussing the future of libraries. We […]

Dead Letter Office

You may notice some increased posting traffic here at informationgames for a while. I’ve been teaching certain aspects of WordPress and so have been reminded that my site architecture needs some work. This led me to look into my drafts folder and I discovered that the drafts folder is where hot new ideas go to […]

Imaginary Libraries

I was asked recently to write a response piece to an article written by one of my CMDC colleagues John Barber. John is a Richard Brautigan scholar and has recently proposed creating a digital archive in the spirit of the library described in Brautigan’s The Abortion: an historical romance. My response focused on three questions. […]