winning the information game (part one)

This is an unpublished piece I wrote last spring. It clearly is out of date, but I want to finish the thought. What I’m posting here is the original fragment. Next, I’ll post my continuation of this thought. Since I occasionally write a blog about games and libraries, it stands to reason that I’m a […]

Fallout 3: Impressions

Fallout has impacted my thoughts on violence mostly as a counterpoint to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I didn’t really get San Andreas. I was *interested* in the game and the context it immerse the player in. In the end, I really didn’t have much fun playing it and uninstalled it in favor of other […]

Violence in Games: unjustified

This third general category of games is a bit more difficult for me to nail down. Games where the player is the good guy using might for right are easy to categorize. Games that don’t attempt to squeeze the violence into the “justified by society” label but do encourage the player to see things from […]