Post LITA presentation video

The fine folks from the Lita Forum asked me a few questions on video after my presentation. I’m grateful that they managed to edit out much of my incoherence. I held it together quite well during the session, but afterward … well, not so much. I’m in the second half, if you care to look.

Justifying violence: Situated context

Just War games are fairly straightforward. The player fills the role of the “good guy”. Ethically complex Just War games may give reasonable grounds to doubt whether the violence is truly justified, but in general the dominant social norms are respected. Situated context games take a murkier approach. In these games society may or may […]

Justifying violent content: the just war

Just looking at my shelf of games and my collection on Steam, a disturbing number of titles that I have played simulate violent acts. There are entire genres of games called shooters. In strategy games, by and large, one strategizes in order to kill one’s enemies. Role playing games tend to focus on combat. Even […]

Video games and encouraging reading

I suppose articles like this recent one in the NY Times and their reactions are a sign that video games are, in fact, becoming a rival of the accepted media formats. They still annoy the hell out of me. So I’m going to rant. (I’ll return to my series on violence and ethics in games, […]

How do games justify their violent content?

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been reluctant to write about the ethics of violence in games. However, last week, Jack Thompson was disbarred in Florida and that changes the landscape of the conversation significantly. Mr. Thompson’s presence in the debate meant that it was all too easy to reduce any conversation about violence and ethics in […]