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Hi. My name is Nicholas and I’m a PC gamer. If you want to play a game with me, look for me on Steam or in the Gamers with Jobs forums. Better yet, contact me @nnschiller on twitter or email infoliberty [at] gmail [dot] com, since I almost always have to schedule my gaming time in advance these days.

I have created a Steam Community for library gamers. My thought was that since online gaming can be so difficult to get into or enjoy on public servers, library workers could benefit from a place to play. I haven’t done much with this yet, but feel free to use it.

Currently Playing:

Day Z Mod for Arma II

I need to write a post about the experience of playing this zombie mod of a military combat simulator. Arma II focuses more on simulating combat than it does on providing a video-game shooter experience. This makes Rocket’s (the mod creator’s online handle) mod all the more impressive. Day Z puts the player in a survival situation where the ordinarily banal tasks of finding food, water, and medical supplies a supreme challenge. One can play the game just to survive, once can take on the zed (zombies) as a primary enemy, or players can hunt each other in their search for rare and valuable salvage. The experience of playing it is unique among survial horror and zombie games. It is simultaneously terrifying and completely immersing. Survival *matters* in this game. I’m addicted to it.

Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword

A mounted combat sim set in early renaissance Poland and based on the classic novel With Fire and Sword. Do I need to say any more? Ok. I started playing Mount and Blade around five years ago in the pre-kickstarter/indiegogo age when paying money for an unfinished game sounded crazy. I’ve dipped back into the series from time to time, but the historical setting of With Fire and Sword has captured my attention more than the others.

LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online)

Vilya Server

Tangle Ridge Kinship

Characters: Sabinerose, Doheris,  & Feanantir

I’ve been playing LOTRO off and on for more than four years now. I’ve played through almost all of the solo-able content and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion. Mostly now I noodle around with one of my alts and team up w/ my partner in game.

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