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nicholas: information games blogger.

I’m a librarian & faculty at a research university library. I began to blog with the idea in mind that I would write about connections between video games and information literacy, but already I can feel the focus expanding to internet / information culture and other trends that are affecting how we foster information literacy in our students. In my role of library instruction coordinator I spend a lot of time thinking about how to engage our students in information literacy. In my role of a computer gamer, I spend a lot of time thinking about immersion in a game-world and what makes a particular game engaging. In my role as the blogger here at information games, I hope to draw some connections between the two, to uncover what it is about games that engage the player and how we as librarians can encourage more people to play the information game well.

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  1. Please correct it’s in your first paragraph on BCALA to its.
    Thanks for your response and support. I, too, am a white librarian.

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